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Nova Cells Institute Mexico Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Treatments, Spina Bifida children stem cell treatment, immune boosting stem cells, stem cell treatment leukemia, stem cell Seizure therapy
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Nova Cells Institute Mexico Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

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Nova Cells Institute Mexico
Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

All medical procedures and laboratory processing of stem cells is done in Mexico. All Patient treatments take place in Mexico at first rate facilities close to the US (San Diego)-Mexico border.
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Many people with terminal cancer mistakenly think stem cells are some kind of magic bullet for their disease but this is far from true (Ironically, many cancers actually arise because a stem cell in a particular tissue begins dividing but won't shut off). For some forms of cancer, yes, stem cells can effect long term remission. In leukemia, of instance, the patient's bone marrow produces too many of a particular blood cell. Doctors treat this by wiping out the abnormal bone marrow using chemo or radiation, then infuse healthy stem cells that go into the bones and creates healthy new marrow (Thus making this a stem cell leukemia therapy). And some researchers have found that when HLA mismatched stem cells from umbilical cord blood are infused in people with certain solid tumors such as prostate cancer, the stem cells will respond to growth factors secreted by the cancerous tissues by homing on and engraft in them. The patient's immune system then mounts an attack on the engrafted stem cells which results in some tumor cells getting killed off along with the stem cells. However, this attack is generally mild simply because umbilical cord stem cells are very primitive and by virtue of this are not especially "immune provocative". In these two scenarios stem cells do constitute a sort of terminal cancer stem cell treatment.

Accordingly, Nova cells uses HLA mismatched cord blood stem cells as part of its prostate cancer therapy and also to treat certain other solid tumor conditions. But this, again, basically provokes a mild anticancer response. It needs a boost or complementary helper therapy which NCIM has: Donor granulocytes cancer treatment. In this therapy cancer-fighting granulocytes are collected from healthy young people and then pooled and given to the patient.

The use of HLA mismatched cord blood stem cells along with a precisely timed series of donor granulocyte infusions has proven to be a highly successful addition to Nova Cells lung cancer therapies and prostate cancer therapy, among others. A recent statistical analysis, in fact, showed that roughly half of all patients with stage IV prostate cancer achieved total remission while half achieved partial remission.

Given the fact approved, legal stem cell therapies are few and far between in the USA and donor granulocyte treatments for cancer are virtually nonexistent, it is small wonder people are heading to Mexico to be treated by Nova Cells.

Special note: In addition to treating cancer, Nova Cells treats many other diseases and medical conditions especially neurological ones, most with autologous bone marrow stem cells and its proprietary Beacon Factor (NCIM's Beacon Factor is a unique cytokine-protein combination that helps stem cells home in on target tissues and also increases blood flow in tissues where it is impeded or otherwise compromised). The spina bifida stem cell treatments NCIM has been doing in children during the course of the past few years has been especially successful.

Nova Cells Institute Mexico Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Treatments, Spina Bifida children stem cell treatment,
immune boosting stem cells, stem cell treatment leukemia, stem cell Seizure therapy

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