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Nova Cells Institute Mexico Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

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Nova Cells Institute Mexico
Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

All medical procedures and laboratory processing of stem cells is done in Mexico. All Patient treatments take place in Mexico at first rate facilities close to the US (San Diego)-Mexico border.
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Many people with terminal cancer mistakenly think stem cells are some kind of magic bullet for their disease but this is far from true (Ironically, many cancers actually arise because a stem cell in a particular tissue begins dividing but won't shut off). For some forms of cancer, yes, stem cells can effect long term remission. In leukemia, of instance, the patient's bone marrow produces too many of a particular blood cell. Doctors treat this by wiping out the abnormal bone marrow using chemo or radiation, then infuse healthy stem cells that go into the bones and creates healthy new marrow (Thus making this a stem cell leukemia therapy). And some researchers have found that when HLA mismatched stem cells from umbilical cord blood are infused in people with certain solid tumors such as prostate cancer, the stem cells will respond to growth factors secreted by the cancerous tissues by homing on and engraft in them. The patient's immune system then mounts an attack on the engrafted stem cells which results in Which in-a-way makes this an immune boosting stem cell approach). However, this attack is generally mild simply because umbilical cord stem cells are very primitive and by virtue of this are not especially "immune provocative". In these two scenarios stem cells do constitute a sort of terminal cancer stem cell treatment.

Accordingly, Nova Cells Institute Mexico (NCIM) uses HLA mismatched cord blood stem cells as part of its prostate cancer therapy and also to treat certain other solid tumor conditions. But this, again, basically provokes a mild anticancer response. It needs a boost or complementary helper therapy which NCIM has: Donor granulocytes cancer treatment. In this therapy cancer-fighting granulocytes are collected from healthy young people and then pooled and given to the patient.

The use of HLA mismatched cord blood stem cells along with a precisely timed series of donor granulocyte infusions has proven to be a highly successful addition to Nova Cells Institute Mexico lung cancer therapies and prostate cancer therapy, among others. A recent statistical analysis, in fact, showed that roughly half of all patients with stage IV prostate cancer achieved total remission while half achieved partial remission.

Given the fact approved, legal stem cell therapies are few and far between in the USA and donor granulocyte treatments for cancer are virtually nonexistent, it is small wonder people are heading to Mexico to be treated by Nova Cells Institute Mexico (NCIM).

In addition to treating cancer, Nova Cells Institute Mexico (NCIM) treats many other diseases and medical conditions especially neurological ones, most with autologous (from self) bone marrow stem cells and its proprietary Beacon Factor.

As successful as NCIM's program with cancer has been, it's spina bifida stem cell treatments outcomes have been even more spectacular. So much so, Nova Cells Institute Mexico (NCIM) gets more inquiries about treating spina bifida than just about any other disease or condition. The vast majority of those who contact NCIM go on to register, enroll their child, and have the treatment. Currently NCIM has over eighty (80) children with spina bifida in various stages of being processed for treatment.

Most of the children treated to-date as well as those that are cued up for care have a form of spina bifida called Myelomeningocele (Meningomyelocele) which is also referred to as Spina Bifida Cystica. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is in-a-word the most severe form of spina bifida which is the result of parts of the spinal cord and nerves protruding though an opening in the spine during a baby's gestation (Development in the womb). This causes nerve damage and other physical challenges. Upwards of 70-90% of the children with this condition also have too much fluid on their brains (Hydrocephalus), which is the result of poor or impeded drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF protects the brain and spinal cord and when it cannot circulate normally it can back up and by so doing create pressure on the brain. If normal drainage is not restored, for instance, by insertion of a shunt by surgeons the child can sustain brain damage.

So, why are so many parents bringing their spina bifida children to NCIM for care? There are a number of things that draws people to Nova Cells Institute Mexico, chief of which is the fact its treatments are effective. Indeed, NCIM's use of primed adult (nonembryonic) stem cells along with its proprietary Beacon Factor has brought about swift neurologic improvements in more than 95% of the children treated to-date. Many children with poor circulation and movement in their lower limbs have experienced the "pinking up" of cold, often oxygen starved (cyanotic) bluish tissue within hours of their treatment often followed by being able to move previously immobile toes, feet and even legs. Many parents with cell phones or video cameras in-hand have excitedly videotaped their children doing things with their bodies they previously could not do within hours of their NCIM treatment. Many of these videos or links to them are posted on this website at:

And spina bifida stem cell treatments is far from the brightest star in the healing firmament. Nova Cells Institute Mexico is also celebrating victories on other fronts including:


If there is a poster boy for NCIM's seizure therapy it is 4 year old Angel Sosa. This little boy entered this world saddled with lots of neurological and physical challenges. Among them: Infantile spasms, a difficult-to-treat form of childhood-onset epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) or simply Lennox syndrome, and all kinds of developmental delays. According to his mother, Monique, he was "having 2-4 clusters of 100 seizures lasting six (6) minutes each one a day and was having two to four (2-4) tonic seizures a day sometimes lasting up to 3 minutes without breathing".

Predictably little Angel's early life was spent seeing doctors and therapists and taking drugs to control his epilepsy. Naturally, his parents were keen to pick up on any medical advances that might offer any hope of remediating their son's intractable epilepsy and other challenges. Eventually they began running across evidence that suggested some form of stem cell therapy could help their little boy. As they sorted through the various private stem cell medicine operations abroad they came across accounts of the many turnarounds in children effected by Nova Cell's primed stem cell treatments and intravenous use of its proprietary Beacon Factor. This encouraged Monique to reach out to NCIM patient educator & care facilitator, Grace Odgers (Ph.D. candidate), by phone. Grace shared what Nova Cells Institute Mexico doctors and scientists had accomplished and documented in treated patients and then ably tackled all her questions and concerns. Satisfied with what she had learned, the Sosa's, enrolled their son in the NCIM treatment program and read the patient handbook (Note: This link is to the abridged version of NCIM's patient handbook. Those who wish to access the full version must register). Later, on the heels of Angel's approval for treatment by NCIM physicians including a pediatric neurologist, she and her husband booked him for care on February 6 (2014).

When the "big day" arrived for Angel, Grace noted this about the little boy:

While waiting for his treatment Angel was very stiff and somewhat arching backward. His eyes were moving around the room randomly and, though he would look at you if you called his name after a couple of times, he did so only for a split second and it seemed that he saw right through you. His mom had to give him his dose of medications because he was getting a little more stiff and she knew they were wearing off.

Angel was then given primed umbilical cord stem cells and the Beacon Factor. Grace noted this at the time:

About an hour after his stem cell treatment Angel's mom mentioned to us that both she and his father were impressed with how relaxed Angel is including his normally stiff legs. As the attending physician was checking him in recovery Angel did something amazing: He fixed his gaze on him for about 5 seconds. The doctor was both amazed and incredulous. Then Angel's father said 'Oh yea, he already has focused his gaze on his mom and I.' Within an hour Angel was already aware of his surroundings and the people around him.

In addition, Angel's legs which were normally ice cold were now pink and warm and remained so.

After Angel got home and settled in Monique shared this with Grace by phone and later by email:

The Thursday morning of his stem cell treatment he had 3 tonic seizures and then after stem cells no more seizures till late Sunday night he had 2 small quick seizures. All this week he's only had 3 seizures! And no big seizures at all! No more 6 minute clusters :)

In therapy his therapists have noticed improvements already! He feels so much stronger! He is tolerating standing a little more and one of his therapists noticed he was using the muscles on his arm and shoulders. Everyone has noticed that he's more alert and happy and has more energy! On Tuesday he looked at me and smiled Mind you, he has never smiled for no reason.

Monique added that Angel's three (3) year old sister was super excited by the fact her brother was following her all over the place with his eyes, something she instinctively regarded as a form of playing with her.

She concluded with this:

Thank you NOVA!!! I'm so excited about seeing more gains with my angel! Thank you Grace and Abel!

Click to access an update on Angel.

The Sosa's set up a Facebook page for Angel which is at


Sometimes called "Alzheimer's cousin" Lewy Body Dementia is an incurable brain disease that steadily whittles away most sufferers' cognitive functions including their ability to focus, sleep well, or walk normally. Those with advanced LBD may have trouble swallowing liquids and food or pills.

At present LBD affects about 1.4 million Americans. Both radio and TV personality Casey Kasem and Oscar® winning actor Robin Williams had LBD, and legendary Chicago Blackhawks coach Stan Matika was recently diagnosed with it.

LBD has no cure and the best medicine can presently do is manage symptoms and alleviate patient suffering. The one thing doctors never see is a person with advanced LBD who can hardly walk or talk begin doing so. This all changed after 77 year old Canadian Arthur Rechlo was treated by Nova Cells Institute Mexico over the course of 2 days (February 12-13, 2015).

Arthur's treatment consisted, in part, of getting adult (nonembryonic) stem cells that had been primed by NCIM's director of laboratory services, biochemist Abel Pena, to become specific types of body cells. These were given by spinal tap (lumbar puncture) and via injection into a vein along with NCIM's proprietary Beacon Factor. Arthur was also given the Beacon Factor alone by i.v. (intravenous) drip into his arm.

Following his treatment and return to his hotel in San Diego, Arthur tried to get out of the NCIM shuttle by himself. He even insisted that those around him let him do this entirely on his own. However, everyone present was afraid he'd fall and insisted on helping him disembark. They all remarked how pink and animated Arthur's face had become. It was evident too his facial muscle tone had improved. After leaving the van he asked for a drink of water.

With a day of the Arthur's return stateside, daughter Kim called Nova Cell's patient care coordinator, Grace Odgers, Ph.D. cand., and began excitingly sharing the fact he had walked six (6) blocks and had also gone up and down short flights of stairs. In addition, he could now swallow normally and was speaking using whole sentences. These were things her father had not done in five years or more.

Then, upon arrival back home, the daughter texted Nova Cells Institute Mexico that Arthur was using the restroom by himself, played cards with her on the flight home, and had began telling jokes.

A few days later Arthur's wife Vickie got word to NCIM that Arthur wanted to give her a Valentine's day card. She got one for him and asked if he wanted her to read it to him. He remarked that he could read it for himself, did so, wrote a few heartfelt lines on it, and then signed his name. On top of these feats, Arthur also began undressing himself to go to bed and brushing his teeth. These were all things her husband had not done in half a decade or more.

How is such an amazing, almost "overnight" turnaround possible? When asked about this, Abel Pena attributed Arthur's incredibly fast response to powerful circulation-enhancing, inflammation quelling properties of the Beacon Factor, plus the fact it appears to greatly increase the number and activity of serotonin receptors on neurons (which increases or amplifies nerve signal transmission).

Said Abel, "The Beacon Factor was created by combining molecules that exist in all of us. In laboratory experiments and then later human use it proved very powerful in terms of enhancing circulation, suppressing inflammation and bolstering the number and activity of serotonin receptors in the central nervous system especially the brain. Patients including children who came in with cold, bluish limbs due to poor circulation had these pink up within an hour or less of receiving the Beacon Factor. And those with runaway inflammation including neuroinflammation and other brain imbalances showed dramatic reductions in this. In addition, the Beacon Factor amplifies the biochemical signals secreted by damaged tissue and boosts the activity of lysosomes, the inner cell's 'digestive system', which then get busy digesting biological debris that litters damaged and diseased neurons and other cells."

Nova Cells Institute scientists and Abel were quick to add that the primed stem cells themselves secrete compounds that amplify nerve signals and oftentimes produce rapid improvements in functioning in children and adults with neurologic illnesses and conditions. Children with spina bifida, brain injuries and cerebral palsy given primed umbilical cord stem cells by NCIM doctors have oftentimes enjoyed rapid improvements, sometimes within hours of being treated.



affordable stem cells at NCIM Affordability (aka value for money invested in care): Patients, parents and others never have to deal with middle men, brokers, professional marketers or the like when it comes to Nova Cells Institute Mexico. NCIM was founded, in fact, by a group of people who wanted to create a business entity that puts people above huge profit margins. The steadfast refusal of NCIM to retain brokers or other professional sales or marketing people coupled with its dogged pursuit of cost savings in its lab and among its contracted doctors clinics & hospitals has made it possible for NCIM to consistently offer its patients treatments that run well below market. For instance, while many private clinics and hospitals doing stem cell therapies in Asia and China charge $35K USD or more to treat spina bifida children, cerebral palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and such, NCIM typically charges $15-17K USD (Roughly 50% less). In addition, 99% of NCIM neurologic treatments are done in a single day while some being done in Asia and elsewhere can take weeks on end to complete.

personal touch treatments at NCIM The Personal Touch: Nova Cells Institute Mexico was founded and is staffed by caring people who have devoted their lives to relieving suffering and effecting healing. When people call or email Nova Cells they typically have their call or email answered by Grace Odgers, Ph.D. cand., who delights in fielding questions and "filling in the blanks". When questions or issues are raised that require input from a doctor or scientist, Grace quickly obtains this and passes it along.

As part of NCIM's "personal touch" philosophy, Grace and her husband, biochemist and NCIM director of laboratory Services Abel Pena, typically help out with getting NCIM patients and their family or caregivers to and from Mexico, and support them through every step of the treatment process while there. If you look closely at the many patient tendered articles on this website and on Facebook and other websites, you will often hear about how Grace and Abel "have became like family to us".

And, unlike so many stem cell treatment programs, patients are not treated and turned loose. They invariably get follow-up emails and/or phone calls from NCIM staff especially Grace.

nova cells going the extra mile in treatments Going the Extra Mile: Nova Cells Institute Mexico primed stem cells, Beacon Factor, donor granulocyte (cancer) and other treatments have proved a healing Godsend to so many people in and of themselves. However, this is not all there is to it. NCIM affiliated doctors plus experts in scientifically-validated therapeutic diets, nutrition, herbal medicine and more carefully review patient medical records and test results to determine what (if any) can be recommended that is likely to optimize healing and/or other aspects of the patient's recovery and restoration, e.g., physical, cognitive, mood, etc. These are then passed on to the patient by NCIM doctors.

And, last but not least......

Nova Cells Institute Mexico offers free case evaluations which people can take advantage of by going to

Cancer LBD Spina Bifida Stem Cell Treatments, Nova Cells Institute Mexico, Spina Bifida children stem cell treatment,
immune boosting stem cells, stem cell treatment leukemia, stem cell Seizure therapy

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